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澳门金沙网上娱乐场是应用于童装、T恤、绣花图案、皮革、手袋、发饰 、帽等饰品上,红外线定位,熨烫定位精准;可以在较大程度上降低人工成本。
Nailing machine is used in children's clothing, T-shirt, embroidered patterns, leather, handbags, hair ornaments, hats and other accessories, infrared positioning, accurate ironing positioning; can reduce labor costs to a large extent.
At present, the electromechanical integration of PEG machine makes the whole operation process safer and more effective. For example, the use of mufflers inside the machine to further reduce noise; and when circuit failures occur, the fuse inside the machine will automatically cut off the circuit, to prevent failure, these measures have a great role in protecting human health.
In addition, all dangerous parts of the machine are equipped with photoelectric protection devices, but once obstacles are found to enter, they start and stop immediately. When the door of the electronic control box is opened, the high-voltage power supply in the electronic control box is automatically cut off by micro-switch to protect the safety of electrical maintenance personnel. If the pinning machine encounters a sudden situation in the course of operation, it can press the external pressure emergency stop button, and it will stop immediately. When the pinning machine stops and cuts off the power supply, it ensures that the electromagnetic clutch can break away from the brake and suck again after the delay, preventing the inertia of the motor from driving and avoiding the injury accident.
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