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拔染印花机 FZY-NH
Dyeing printing of silk and wool textiles: the ground color can be dyed with acid dyes and reactive dyes with azo structure. The ground colors of polyester and acetate fabrics can be dyed by disperse dyes with azo structure. The discharge agent is usually a strong reducing agent, and the commonly used tin oxide, and the discharge printing is mainly used for deep color printing. The printing effect is good.
Polyester fabric can be divided into alkali extraction and tin pulling, but the effect of processing tin on polyester fabric is excellent. Because tin is a modified stannous chloride, it is hard to dissolve in water and is not easy to be oxidized by air. It increases the stability of color paste and improves the quality of printing.
Anti discharge printing of whole cotton cloth: the base color can be dyed with the reactive dyestuff, the base color can be dyed with the vinyl sulfone base active black dye, the printing is dried after drying, and the bottom color (black) is covered with the wet cover printing after printing. It is difficult to fix the dyestuff with the process of rolling and drying. Cover and print on unfixed black background, dry, steamed, promote simultaneous coloration, and black background color can easily turn into black belt red.
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