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The temperature of the drying room of the printing machine is generally not higher than 100 degrees C. It is suitable for drying at low temperature. The drying temperature is too high, so as to reduce the discharging effect of tin. The bottom should not exceed 120 degrees C, and the bottom should not be dried at 100 degrees C. It is advisable to dry at low temperature. Tin processing is more corrosive to screen and equipment. Under normal circumstances, the production of 5000 meters must check the screen, prevent hourglass, and the lines are not bright and clean. The pressure adjustment of the blade of the printing machine should be uniform. The extraction paste usually uses white dextrin or synthetic dragon glue. The deactivation is worse than sodium alginate. So it is better to use the rope type washing machine and strengthen the reduction cleaning to make the cloth face clear, pure color, and the outline of the flower shape.
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